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To Be of Service

The film follows veterans struggling with PTSD who embrace an innovative way of healing from the invisible wounds of war — getting a service dog. TBoS asks us to examine: What is the cost of war for our society, our healthcare system and the women and men who serve. Currently in post-production, for release fall 2019.

Real Immunity

A three-part docu-series on cultivating real immunity. Part one debuted early in 2018: The Quest for Real Immunity. Part two, Passages to Real Immunity will be released fall of 2018. First-time filmmaker and homeopath Cilla Whatcott interviews doctors, researchers, and parents on the leading edge of a new paradigm for health.

The New Fire

What if the solution to climate change were hiding in plain sight? Nuclear power has been vilified in popular culture and among much of the environmental community. Yet the next-generation reactors currently in development may actually be key to avoiding global catastrophe. The young entrepreneurs heading this energy revolution realize they’re up against more than the climate clock – they need to convince all of us that the new nuclear is safe and achievable. #NewFireFilm

Awake: The Life of Yogananda

To understand how the science of yoga can free us to find our authentic selves, as inspired by the life and teachings of Yogananda. Available on Netflix. #awake

What We Do

We create outreach and community engagement strategies for independent filmmakers and other content creators. We help films to reach their core audience through partnerships with key organizations, festival and community screenings and social media. We work closely with you to build the strategy best suited to your goals and the film’s message. How we do it...

"The documentary film was conceived and developed as an instrument for public use. It was conceived, moreover, as an instrument to be used systematically in all the fields of public instruction and enlightenment." - John Grierson, Founder of the Documentary Film Movement speaking in 1947

"Only connect!" - E.M. Forster, Howard's End

"Audience engagement is the process of moving a film's audience from passive viewing to active involvement with the issue represented. It is what happens after audiences see the film and want to use their energy, resources, ideas, connections or time to make a difference." - Emily Verellen, From Distribution to Audience Engagement

"Patience, persistence and agility get you far." - Sonal Uberoi, Business owner

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