Title: Rollbacks

Filmmaker: Old Dog Documentaries

Year: 2019

Website: olddogdocumentaries.org

Synopsis: An urgent 30-minute call to action around the environmental policies and protections being systemically rolled back by the Trump administration and the need to act on climate change, environmental and human survival.

Goals: That the film be viewed online and in public screenings by as many organizations, activist groups, students and academics, and individuals as possible, particularly in the U.S., to raise awareness, stimulate discussion and encourage people to act. In particular, to contact their local representatives, and to vote.

Main themes: U.S. environmental policies; climate change; environmental protection. 

Core audience: Climate change activists, faith institutions and communities, academics, researchers and scientists, advocacy groups.

What we are doing: Full service consultancy, marketing and outreach.

Key results: Screening and press conference at COP25 in Madrid, Spain November 2019; partnership with Scientists Warning and film posted on their YouTube channel; webinar and screening organized by Democrats Abroad; promotion by 350.org Conejo to all 350 chapters.