Before moving forward with the campaign, we prepare an outreach outline as a working plan for your project, which includes:

  • Definition of the film’s mission
  • Specific goals for the film
  • Identification of the film’s core audience
  • Identification of the key partners online and offline
  • Strategy for contacting and connecting to the core audience
  • Strategy for contacting and collaborating with key partners
  • Suggestions of special event(s) to use as focal points for outreach
  • Advice on festival strategy

This outline is the backbone of your campaign, adjustable based on the results that are achieved at every step. We can prepare and execute the outline with you, or provide the outline as a document that you can implement on your own and with your team. If we execute the plan, we will provide you with an impact report at the end of the period of our contract with you, so that you have insights and steps that you can use as you move forward with your film and your career.