Some of the things I’ll miss from the USA & Texas

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This weekend I’m back from the USA. It was a nice long trip, which allowed Angela and me some fruitful office days together to go over our latest work projects and do some sister/partner face-time.

In the midst of it, Angela also renewed her vows in a lovely, intimate wedding to her Texan hubby with some of her closest friends from all over.

What I’ll miss from the experience:

  • the pervasive interesting smell of crepe myrtle trees in bloom
  • working almost shoulder to shoulder in the same office space and still sending each other emails when we wanted to communicate
  • ice water served everywhere
  • spicy food
  • ordering online and getting your goods in 24 hours
  • great customer service

Next to the densely populated cities of Madrid and New York, Dallas is certainly an experience–vast highways and freeways, low houses, and a life lived more indoors.

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