7 Tips for Outreach Success

We’ve just sent out our January newsletter with these tips. But, in case you’re not on the list, we didn’t want you to miss out.

Whether you’ve just started development or winding up production, these tips will help:

    1. Start early. Do NOT wait until your film is in post or on the festival circuit to start outreach. Budget for and build your strategy as early as possible–so when your film is locked and ready to go, you’ve got an audience eager to see it and help get the word out.
    2. Define your goals. Why did you make your film? How would you like your film to be used? How would you complete the sentence: “My film was a success because….?”
    3. Not every film needs to launch at an A-list film festival. Is your film groundbreaking? Edgy? Does it include high-profile crew or talent? A core audience of millions? Be realistic about your film’s possibilities, or work with a consultant who can help you craft your festival strategy. There are hundreds of festivals in the world. Some may target your core audience. Seek them out. Click here for more on this subject…
    4. Get social and stay engaged. Social media is how you’ll connect with and grow your film’s audience and your personal brand as a filmmaker. Make sure your film or production company website (you’ve got a website, right??) has social media widgets for the platforms that you’re active on–and pick ones that best suit your subject. If you want to better understand some of the choices¬†sign up here to download our free Social Media White Paper.


    5. If you’re a doc filmmaker, RUN don’t walk to become a member of D-Word. If you don’t think you qualify as a professional yet, there is still plenty of information you can benefit from. Filmmakers and industry pros from around the world generously share their experience and knowledge.

      Crazy Wisdom's poster
      Crazy Wisdom’s poster
    6. If they don’t screen you, do it yourself. Have you heard about Tugg? This is a novel and effective platform. Bring the films you want (like your own, why not?), to your local theater. Create partnerships, sell tickets. Angela used it to successfully produce a sold-out screening of Crazy Wisdom in Dallas. Find out more…
    7. Do what you enjoy and hire consultants for the rest. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Take advantage of the expertise of a distribution consultant like Peter Broderick or Jon Reiss. Work with consultants for community engagement, like US (shameless self-promotion). Consultants love what they do, and if you’d rather hit your head with a hammer than post a tweet, why be miserable? If you think you can’t afford it, ask yourself, “Can I afford to make a film that won’t be seen by its audience?”