It Ain’t Science Fiction – El Cosmonauta

This film has been a reference in transmedia and crowdfunding campaigning for a few years now. In fact, I just sent the link for the website to a client prospect to see if it might help him as he considers how to develop and how to fund his own project.

El Cosmonauta has appeal for a number of reasons. The videos posted by the producers to promote the project are fresh and engaging; they request very little as a donation (2 euros), so it’s easy to say yes; they use Creative Commons licensing, so can appeal to the millions in the Internet community who believe in the free use and exchange of information and creativity; and they ask for our participation, not just as donors but actually as producers, as storytellers, as designers. El Cosmonauta has truly created community engagement. And the filmmakers are apparently transparent about sharing their efforts, posting files that describe the business plan, their finances, the storyline and overall project, and so on.

Below is the banner that I’ve chosen to include on our site to show our support of this ongoing project. I look forward to the completion of the film and being able to watch it, like so many others, for free and online. Click on it to find out more about the film.