“Outreach is dangerous”

These are Angela’s words. And she should know. Thanks to her outreach experience, she’s now a happily married woman living in Texas. How did this happen? Angela attended the Dallas Video Festival in November 2009 with one of the films we’ve represented and that was screening there, A Sea Change. Standing in line to greet one of the festival directors, Brad, she started chatting with the man next to her–and, lo and behold, he was the One!

Here’s a lovely recent photo of the happy couple.


So, I’ve given this curious and wonderful circumstance a bit of thought and come to the conclusion that when you’re doing what you love and what makes you happy, you find what and who you love too. I should know, I work with her: Angela truly enjoys her work on outreach. She is dedicated to it. She believes in it. She’s committed to it. And she believes in the message that her clients want to get across, whether it be about beauty or craft or healing or taking care of our planet and ourselves, Angela feels that these messages and their expression through the art of filmmaking, are worth working for, all through the day, every day. Outreach is dangerous, not just because of the unexpected and serendipitous adventures it can take you to, such as a whole new life, but also because it’s addictive–the more you spend your time online and off researching the film’s community, its potential partners, festivals, how get the word out in every way, the more exciting it is as the connections fall into place and as new ones appear. It’s easy to obsess. Maybe it’s a bit like love? 🙂