Sexiest Theatrical Model in a Long Time: Tugg

What looks like a great new model for limited theatrical distribution: Tugg, in Beta right now.

<a href="http://www blood pressure medicine”>The idea: you suggest a venue, date, and time to screen one of the films they represent. And if enough people buy tickets, the screening happens.

So no risk to the theater, no risk to you (gotta mouse around the site a bit more, but I’m guessing it works like Kickstarter–funds aren’t taken from your account unless the screening reaches its tipping point in sales).

Right now tickets are a standard $9, but in the next few months they’ll be creating a flexible pricing strategy–my preference in working with partners so that we can offer member discounts.

They’re growing relationships with distributors and indie filmmakers, kicking off with Tree of Life (they’re founded by one of the producers) and Bullhead.

I’m going to be working with them on a screening of Crazy Wisdom, partnering with Video Association of Dallas (i.e., Dallas Videofest) and Dallas Shambhala Meditation Center on April 4, will let you know how it goes.

BTW, they’re based in Austin, naturally. :}