Social Media Metrics AKA How the Heck Do You Know What You’re Doing’s Effective?

Well, it’s partly commonsense, right?

E.g., are your follower/fans growing? Do they engage with your posts? Do they contribute posts of their own? Is the number of your community screenings increasing?

But maybe you’d like a formal framework for assessing your outreach campaign, what they call “metrics.” Certainly your funders will be gratified by your using such a framework. Kami Huyse has created this nifty white paper to guide you. She’s a PR professional, founder of Zoetica Media. As you’re reading, just substitute “film” or “filmmaker” (yes, you need to be thinking about your personal brand) for “organization.”

If you’d like more nuggets of wisdom from Kami, follow her on Twitter or visit her blog, Communication Overtones.

Commonsense Framework to Measure Social Media