Spanish encounters: de ida y vuelta (there and back)

Yesterday I had coffee with John Healey, director of the King Juan Carlos Center of NYU in Madrid, where I studied my M.A. many years ago. It has been quite awhile since we’ve since each other, and what brought us to the coffee appointment was another of life’s curious coincidences–we discovered that aside from our common love of literature and long experience of Spain, we are both in the documentary film industry. It turns out that as well as the many fascinating aspects of his life and career, including marriage into the García Lorca family, John has made two feature length documentaries–one about Federico García Lorca (in 1998), and another more recent one: The Practice of the Wild. A Conversation with Gary Snyder and Jim Harrison. Will wonders never cease! This film came out last year and has had good coverage and of course a successful premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Now I have a copy of the DVD on my desk and I look forward to the quiet, meditative viewing that it promises. Thank you, John! And I look forward to further news about upcoming work, as we continue to keep in contact through our Spanish ida y vuelta.