Tikkun olam

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  • Post published:March 13, 2011
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This is a Hebrew expression that I learned not long ago Read Full Article. I know I mentioned it once already on my Facebook page. I’m writing it again. To remember it. When I learned the expression, I wrote it down quickly on one of the envelopes I have on my desk that I use for my notes–re-purposing them as note paper, after I’ve removed the bills, letters, receipts they once contained. Now it’s time to throw out that envelope, so I’m preserving the message here.

The expression means “healing the world”. What most struck me about learning it, beside the lovely new sound in my mouth (most certainly mispronounced, but my own feeble attempt at the language), is that it applies so well to the work of most of the filmmakers with whom we work. To one degree or another, the message in their films, the purpose of their vision, is to raise awareness about the ways in which we can all participate in taking care of our world–the environment, our communities, other people. The idea is to take care, of ourselves and our space. To be conscious of our actions and their effects, and to make our actions more deliberately taken towards the better good. Idealistic? Sure, why not? Possible? Yes. With every action, word, intention. So, a big “toda” (thank you), to our filmmakers for helping us to learn about new ways in which we can be aware of our world and make attempts to take better care of it. We’ve been learning about the need to lower our carbon dioxide emissions and how to do it; overcoming the challenge of racial difference; sustainable gardening; doing good and showing love through playfulness and tomfoolery, and the potential power of one person to create better conditions for her community.