Title: Infinite Potential

Filmmaker: Paul Howard

Producer: Imagine Films

Year: 2020

Website: https://www.infinitepotential.com/

Synopsis: A journey into the nature of life and Reality with David Bohm, the man Einstein called his “spiritual son” and the Dalai Lama his “science guru.” A physicist and explorer of Consciousness, Bohm’s research and thinking offer profound insights into the underlying nature of reality and the interconnectedness of the Universe and our place within it.

Goals: Maximize awareness, partnerships in rollout towards virtual premiere, followed by multiple screenings. 

Main themes: Spirituality; Science.

Core audience: Scientists, in particular of physics; Researchers of consciousness; Philosophers, and spiritual seekers.

What we’re doing: Marketing & Outreach

Key results: June 20 virtual premiere: 15K people signed up for screening & panel discussion; 4K attendees the day of the event; 8.7K and counting views on YouTube channel. Four more events organized between June – September, with audience attendance and views in tens of thousands. 18.4K subscribers on YouTube channel.