Based on your film’s mission and message, we design and execute a clear, effective, and compelling campaign to engage your film’s audience and fulfill your outreach and impact goals. 

We start with an initial meeting in which we learn about the history of your project, specific goals, and understand your core audience.

Then, we can work with you in several ways:


Hourly, or a few hours a month, for as long as you require support.

Exploratory research & outreach

To evaluate interest in the film and its mission.

Community engagement

Around a specific event; to create expectation, attract audiences and invite sales for the film release at a festival, in theaters, online.


Grassroots, community growth and engagement, partnerships.


Campaign to raise awareness, elicit discussion and incite action.

  • The last three all involve a digital marketing component (social media management, newsletters, website advice and content development).
  • You can choose either one or a combination of these options, short or long-term. A combination is the most effective approach to a strong engagement campaign.

Our goal is to help our clients’ films reach their audience through a comprehensive marketing and outreach campaign that includes film festival strategy and launch, social media and other digital marketing, consultation on distribution strategies, and key partnerships. We offer a variety of options for working together. Possibilities include consultations by phone or videoconference call; outreach around key events, such as a festival launch or a theatrical or online release, and year-long collaborations.

Our process

We love to work with a project starting as soon as possible, to help build momentum and the foundation for a strong campaign that will allow time for potential partner organizations to get involved, and give your film long legs.

We can work with you on a short- or long-term basis, depending on your goals and budget. We also provide consultation at an hourly rate in any of the areas mentioned above. Contact us for more information.

As an example, for Mothers of Bedford director Jen McShane, we created an outreach outline and followed up with an hour-long discussion of the outline and the film itself. She hired us just before the film’s festival launch.

By contrast, we worked with the multi-award-winning film A Sea Change (Niijii Films, 2009) for nearly two years. We began to build awareness of the film and the issue–how climate change is affecting the ocean–eight months before the film’s completion. An awesome opportunity to build partnerships and audience!

We began work with To Be of Service (Aronson Films, 2019) when the film was still in the rough cut stage, six months before release. That was extremely useful as we helped the producers to shape the outreach and impact strategy–we could advise on the final version of the film, suggesting content that we thought would help to connect the subject matter more closely with audiences. 

For more information about how we work, we’re pleased to share our recent conversation with Doug Block, founder of The D-Word. The discussion includes a 20-minute live consultation with filmmaker Dempsey Rice regarding her latest production, The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks. 

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