Title: The Reunited States

Filmmaker: Ben Rekhi

Producer: Raj Krishna

Executive Producers: Van Jones, Meghan McCain

Year: 2021

Website: reunitedstates.tv/

Synopsis: Based on the book of the same title, by Mark Gerzon, the film follows the stories of people from very different walks of life who trace the difficult journey of trying to bridge the political and racial divides in the United States–from Susan Bro, whose daughter was killed when a car drove through a crowd in Charlottesville, to the Leavertons, a Republican couple who sell everything and cross the country in their RV to understand their own biases and truly learn about themselves and their country. 

Main themes: Bridge building, politics and race, society.

Core audience: Bridge builders, educators, faith-based groups, young politicians, advocacy groups and policy makers.

What we’re doing: Outreach and impact: nationwide screening and discussion events with non profit, community and faith-based organizations. Partnerships with national and local groups. Support of VOD release and online premiere event.