Title: To Be of Service

Filmmaker: Josh Aronson

Producer: Aronson Pictures

Year: 2019

Website: https://www.tobeofservicefilm.com/

Synopsis: The film follows veterans with PTSD whose lives are transformed when they are paired with a service dog.

Goals: To screen across the U.S., in theaters and community screenings. Impact goal: to raise awareness about the value of service dogs for many veterans with PTSD. Encourage greater access to training and being paired with a service dog. 

Main themes: Veterans, PTSD, human-animal bond

Core audience: Veterans and their families; professionals in mental health; dog trainers; dog lovers; researchers and academics in psychology, neuroscience, the human-animal bond.

What we did: Impact campaign

Key results: Partnerships with service dog organizations and associations for multiple community, conference and theatrical screenings. Corporate sponsorship to support screenings. Screening before Congress in October 2019 to support the PAWS Act, which was subsequently passed.