Title: La Recua

Year: 2021

Website: larecua.com


Darío Higuera Meza, a traditional saddle maker in Baja California Sur, Mexico, turned 70 in 2018. His lifelong dream was to repeat the traditional “recua”, the mule train delivery of local goods. In March that year, he traveled 200 miles in 20 days by mule-back, herding a pack train of donkeys from an oasis in the heart of the Sierra de la Giganta, all the way to the capital city of La Paz. The film follows his story and that of his fellow travelers, each with their own reasons for making the journey, and their own life dreams. 

Main themes: History, tradition, family, ritual, personal journey.

Core audience: People in and from Mexico and interested in Mexican culture and communities; people interested in history and tradition in indigenous societies; students, aficionados of ranch culture and lifestyle. 

What we’re doing: Consultation on strategy and materials for outreach campaign.