Lights, Camera, Audience! Here Comes the Launch of Global Film Academy


For the price of a movie and popcorn, now you can get a step up in your filmmaker career.

Now if you want to move your project forward, you can do so from the comfort of your home or office, front row seating.

With a group of partners, we have launched the Global Film Academy, online, live and interactive courses in fiction and documentary with industry professionals from around the world.

* Each class is 30 minutes long to fit nicely in your busy schedule
* Courses consists of 3 classes, three consecutive days.
* Each course has two instructors: one for theory, one for practical knowledge.
* All courses with real-life case studies and proven data.
* Fully interactive: you can raise your hands, ask questions, be heard.
* Three levels of participation:
– General Admission: take the course.
– Preferred Seating: take the course, complete an assignment.
– Director’s Lounge: take the course, discuss your project with the instructor.

And the fee? The price of a movie ticket and popcorn. Visit the site to find out more and pick the classes of your choice:

The first season starts with “Bourne Identity” Casting Director Michelle Gertz, followed by Sandi Dubowski, Outreach Director of the Good Pitch, who will share tricks of pitching at forums. With many more wonderful speakers, we’ve got six weeks of classes waiting for you.