Those Danes!

It’s been a couple of centuries since something’s been rotten in Denmark…

I’m writing today to boast about my recent encounter with one of the Danish founders of a software platform that Angela and I use on a daily basis and of which we are gradually becoming avid promoters. Podio, which is currently on its “World Tour” throughout the US and Europe, is a workspace platform where you can write up your To Do lists, in the form of tasks, for yourself and your team members; post articles, files and blog entries; generally keep track of all aspects of your business and personal and professional projects. You can work with a small team, as is the case of Angela and me, our collaborators and clients, or even using the platform as an intranet for a complex organization. What can I say? It truly does seem to be a software that grows, expands and develops as you do, organically, at your own pace and, more importantly, with your input. It’s an online DIY, where you build your own “apps”, the type of project spaces or applications that you specifically need for a given activity. Right now I’m working on an app to help us track community and theatrical screening fulfillment, including who is responsible at each stage of the process, and what needs to be done. Those Danes! First there’s a Dane involved in the development of Skype, another platform that is essential to our day to day work life, and now this wonderful workspace.

And to really gild the lily, the founders are truly bringing their software to the community while on their tour, by holding workshops in each city they visit so that local users or those curious about the product can participate and exchange ideas with them. Last Friday, Jon Froda came to Madrid. The workshop was even conveniently within walking distance for me, so a stroll on a sunny morning to learn more about how to make the best of a good thing seemed like a nice option for me on a Friday. Although the turn-out wasn’t all that was expected, it was nice to meet the team from IZO, a CRM company based in Spain, with branches around Latin America, and who have fully taken on the software as their intranet, and to talk to Jon about how MocaMedia uses Podio. Jon was so pleased that he had to film me talking about it–so here’s the link, if you’re interested. Just please ignore my bad hair day!